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and you can find it easily - It is Episode 61 and it is avaiable as .mp3 and in enhanced format! Hope you enjoy!!

Steven Warburton: Excellent stuff ... thanks Andreas :)
Andreas Auwärter: Thanx will forward this to christian and jan :-)

Fri, Mar 20 at 2:43AM (2 comments)

Carlos Santos posted SAPO Campus keynote

Hi! In case you didn't catch it on twitter, our keynote is available at Question or comments? Be our guests :) Bye, Carlos and Luís

Steven Warburton: Thanks Carlos and Luis. Both Graham and myself have just returned from a 2-day JISC event on Next Generation Technologies in Practice and your project has created quite a buzz. Lot's of interest over here in the UK :)
Carlos Santos: Nice! I wish I was a fly on a wall at JISC event you mentioned :) I think we need some extra time to really get into the concepts of "chmod 777 education", assessment of online participation and ShaPLE. We would love to discuss it at a deeper level. ... [read more]
Luis Pedro: Thanks for your words Steven. As Carlos said, we would like to discuss these concepts at a deeper level. Any ideas about how and when to do it? ;) Best, Luís

Wed, Mar 11 at 5:25PM (3 comments)

Frances Bell posted A big thanks for thought fest

What a great event #tfest09 was! Thanks to all who made it happen (especially Cris) by organising, funding and contributing - so that's all of us ;-) My highlights were the interactive sessions where we argued, discussed, created, played and sometimes actually got out of our seats and moved around - revolutionary! Great to meet you all.

Andreas Auwärter: Frances - i just can second your words! And cant express it is hard to tell the whole spirit! ;-)

Tue, Mar 10 at 6:49AM (1 comment)

We know the time during the WS was challenging. So we decided to get much information about us out of the impulsing and introducing part. Maybe it was the best, because for sure we can tell hours about us ;-) But For those who are a bit curoius on what we are doing, how we understand our work, how we are placed inside the institute, we have an information flyer for download - to where I want to point your view: -> [read more]

Tue, Mar 10 at 1:34AM (0 comments)

Annette Strauch posted Podcasts & E-learning

I would like to hear more about your experiences in podcasts and E-learning.

Andreas Auwärter: Hi Annette. How we can help you? What is your special point of interest?

Tue, Mar 10 at 1:28AM (1 comment)

As I mentioned in our final discussion it would be a pleasure for me to see all of you again at the EduCamp in Ilmenau/Germany (17 to 19 April)! What is the EduCamp? The EduCamp is an Unconference (see also here). There are no conference fees, so everybody can take part even students. At the moment we only have a few sponsors so we unfortunately could not pay for accommodation, but there will be food and of course coffee ;-) For the propose to ov... [read more]

Thomas Bernhardt: As a small "appetiser": The 3rd Online Round Table (ORT09) Topic: “Enterprise 2.0 - The potentials of social software for the learning processes in an enterprise” Monday, March 16, 18:00 (GMT), 60 to 90 minutes Experts: Timothy Hall and Willms Buhse ... [read more]

Mon, Mar 9 at 2:43AM (1 comment)

Following the link 2 Slideshare you will find the impulse presentation guiding through the workshop. Hope you enjoy.

Andreas Auwärter: The Work Assignments are avaiable on: Hope you enjoy!

Fri, Mar 6 at 9:22AM (1 comment)

I worked for the Archives Network Wales - in the National Library of Wales. I am more interested in the use of libraries, esp. University Libraries and National Libraries in the use of E-learning. I mean this in a practical sense. What do we do with the material that has been digitised? How can we find the information we want? The users / teachers and learners have to interact with the libraries. The SAPO Campus project that is currently being de... [read more]

Fri, Mar 6 at 3:34AM (0 comments)

Andreas Auwärter posted We start!

Hey it starts! Steven Warbutton will do a great Welcome to all!

Thu, Mar 5 at 1:32AM (0 comments)

Cristina Costa posted What session will you be leading?

Please let us know a bit more about what your session

Steven Warburton: Maybe you could try something really radical like mime ;)
Ricardo Torres: I am doing research on Web 2.0-based PLEs, so I would like to see the demo and take part in any discussions regarding PLEs. We wrote an article proposing a conceptual framework for these kind of PLEs, with four different approaches, and I have been w... [read more]
Carlos Santos: Next Friday we (Carlos and Luís) will talk about SAPO Campus project that we're currently developing at University of Aveiro. SAPO Campus main objective it's to build a platform of Web 2.0 services for Higher Education institutions and provide differ... [read more]

Wed, Mar 4 at 2:14AM (10 comments)

Cristina Costa posted Thought Fest - Plan of Activities

I tried to create a schedule, but am getting this annoying bug. Please download the suggested plan of activities below.

Tue, Mar 3 at 12:46PM (0 comments)

Cristina Costa posted Connect to us

A place for you t share your ideas, provide suggestions, ask questions...

Andreas Auwärter: Hi! I think this is what most of us want! Connect and learn! ;-) Wlcome on Board!
Steven Warburton: One thing we need to do is make sure we capture all the outputs over the two days.
Cristina Costa: Great idea Steven. so what do you have in mind... let's start brainstorming...

Tue, Mar 3 at 12:30PM (4 comments)

Cristina Costa posted Welcome to Thought Fest 09

Hi, and welcome to Thought Fest 09! This is one more space EVOLVE is trying out as part of the Thought Fest event. We hope to you find it useful to connect to other participants attending the event as well as other people who didn't make it this time around. Let's network the networks. Let's make the best of this open space. Do use this place to share your ideas, ask questions, join the discussions, etc! Let others know we are here ready to conne... [read more]

Bernadette Rego: Hello Cris and everyone! Thanks for the tweet about this page, Cris. Looking forward to meeting others here.
Cristina Costa: Hi Bernadette, thanks so much for the kins words. I look forward to connencting to you to. We have been connecting in so many different places. I feel like I have known you for ages. How's your baby daughter? She's a beauty!

Tue, Mar 3 at 4:53AM (2 comments)

Nellie Deutsch posted Connecting Online

How do you prefer to connect online? Do you prefer voice, video, writing or a combination of 2 or 3? Please explain.

Cristina Costa: I like a combination of all. I must say that I am not very impressed to see myself on video (Scary!!!) and that still disturbs my concentration. Aside from that I like text a lot - it helps me find my own ideas while I type - and I also welcome oppor... [read more]
George Roberts: I am "old fashioned": I prefer to connect through retro text, preferably courier font ;-) I like Twitter and blogs, though I read more than I write. I do not use youTube except occasionally to watch things.
Ricardo Torres: I prefer text... video for me is weird, watching myself on the screen (even in Skype!), and voice, well, I think that not being a native english speaker doesn't help. Writing allows me to reflect (agree with Cristina on this one too) and forces me to... [read more]

Tue, Mar 3 at 4:03AM (3 comments)

Thomas Bernhardt posted Live-streams from Thought Fest 09

I'm one of the co-founders of the German EduCamp (17-19 April 2009 in Ilmenau/Germany) and thought about what I could offer at the "Thought Fest 09". It came to my mind, that the discussions on the event would be interesting for the EduCamp-network as well, so I decide to offer at least two live-streams (Graham's conversation on "Future of Learning" and Steven Warburtons on "Digital identity", perhaps more) over the EduCamp.TV-channel on mogulus ... [read more]

Tue, Mar 3 at 12:34AM (0 comments)

Fist, I'd like to thank, Cris again for inviting me to join this wonderful network. I'd like to inform you all that I've started a network for one of my ESP classes, Social Sciences English for junior and senior students in the College of Social Sciences at Kuwait University. Here is the URL: I'm going to inform my class to join in tomorrow, and I hope that things work. Cheers!

Cristina Costa: Joined! Tried to befriend you, but couldn't. Not sure why! :-(

Mon, Mar 2 at 1:26PM (1 comment)

Andreas Auwärter posted This looks great!

Thanx for generating chris!

Carlos Santos: Agree! One more extra point for Cristina :)
Luis Pedro: Absolutely! One more :)

Thu, Feb 26 at 4:26AM (2 comments)